standard Refunds from Reebok

If you bought any of Reebok’s toning shoes or apparel after Dcember 5, 2008, you could be eligible for a refund.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a statement about the $25 million settlement agreement from Reebok.  The FTC took Reebok to task alleges that the company “deceptively advertised “toning shoes,” which it claimed would provide extra tone and strength to leg and buttock muscles.”  

The FTC’s complaint also alleges that Reebok falsely claimed that  walking in EasyTone footwear had been proven to lead to 28 percent more strength and tone in the buttock muscles, 11 percent more strength and tone in the hamstring muscles, and 11 percent more strength and tone in the calf muscles than regular walking shoes.

Visit for quick information and further links about the Reebok settlement.  You can also apply for a refund.

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